How dogs help during isolation from COVID19


Don’t underestimate the power of a man’s best friend – here’s why. 


Facing a pandemic such as the recent COVID19 outbreak has forced many indoors, left to isolate themselves from the rest of the world, stuck with their current household and pets.


However, it really isn’t all that bad. While isolation can get lonely at times, heck we understand just how difficult it can be, but you will be pleased to know your four-legged friend may be helping you out more than you think.


If you’ve ever seen I am Legend then you will know where we’re going with this – there’s a reason they’re called a man’s best friend. In fact, the friendship with your dog during isolation may help tackle loneliness, depression, anxiety, and many other mental health issues and negative emotions during such an uncertain time.


Let’s discuss.


Your dog is not only cute but it may also help tackle loneliness 


Previous research found new dog owners to feel less lonely upon getting their new pet. Also, feelings of loneliness did not increase upon becoming a pet owner, even after three to eight months.


Furthermore, the same study also reported evidence that dog owners expressed fewer feelings of depression and anxiety as well as overall less psychological distress.


What does this mean?


Essentially, this research along with other studies suggest owning a pet such a dog to improve overall well-being, helping to maintain and regulate emotions while keeping depression and anxiety at bay.


During the current crisis of the COVID19 outbreak, owning a pet such as a dog could be more important than ever. Useful not only for long (isolated) walks on the beach but also to regulate those uncertain thoughts while tackling the loneliness that has come with this virus.




A further study by psychology today found owning a pet to increase companionship in particular. Also, results found those who owned a dog felt greater supported socially than those who owned a cat, even if they were not receiving this support from other individuals.


So, during a pandemic or isolation, or whether you currently live alone and are looking for a way to battle the blues owning a dog could be just what you need.


Existing research suggests depression, loneliness, and anxiety to increase pretty rapidly from becoming a dog owner, creating a companion for life and a means to regulate and maintain possible mental health issues and emotions – perfect during the current pandemic of the COVID19 outbreak.


The bottom line 


If you are currently self-isolating due to the current pandemic that is the coronavirus or generally lonely living alone, becoming a dog owner may just be what you’ve been missing. With the ability to tackle loneliness, depression, and anxiety – three consequences of isolation and general lack of social interaction.

However, if you already have a dog perhaps pay them that little bit more attention or treat them to one of our treats for the good work they’re doing in keeping you that little bit more sane during these uncertain times.


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