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Our Story

Here at PetScy, we’re firm believers that our pets deserve the very best. As three loyal dog owners, nothing is more important to us than ensuring that whatever goes into our dogs’ bodies is safe, natural, and packed with the critical nutrients that they need to live a long and healthy life. 

In today’s pet health market, far too many products contain harmful artificial ingredients that do nothing but wreak havoc on our furry friends. But at PetScy, we’re endlessly focused on bringing high quality pet health products and pet supplements to the market. 


Our Story

PetScy was founded by three friends. Each a loyal dog lover and dog owner, they came together under the common goal of forming a new company specifically designed to flood the market with dog chews, dog treats, and critical pet supplements made with high-quality ingredients. With a drive to place the health of their dogs first, they set out on a mission to take matters into their own hands.

Today, PetScy is your one stop shop for purchasing pet supplements online, along with a wide range of pet health products, dog chews, and dog treats. 


Our Approach

Ever since we came up with the idea for PetScy, we operated under the assumption that we would only create products that we would give to our own dogs. From there, we began researching, sampling, and testing every supplement imaginable. In no time at all, we knew what the common denominator was – low quality ingredients.

Since then, we’ve gone on to perfect our formulas, to build a network of tested and trusted manufacturers, and to offer an extensive product line of pet health products and pet supplements designed with your pet’s health in mind.


Our Mission

At PetScy, our mission is simple – we’re endlessly focused on guaranteeing the quality of everything that goes into our products. After all, we love our dogs as if they were members of our family. That means that we’d fight to no end to ensure that the ingredients going into their bodies was safe, clean, and of the highest quality. Through our products, we strive to bring a new generation of pet health products to the market, so that dog lovers far and wide can rest assured knowing that their furry friend gets the very best.


Our Vision

We like to see ourselves as more than just a pet health products company. In our minds, we’re taking a stand for dog lovers and pet owners all throughout the world who want some assurance when it comes to the supplements, treats, and chew toys that they feed their pets. Through our products, we’re ushering in a new, safer era for pet products.


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