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If Your Dog's Mouth Is Infested With Bad Breath & Plaque - This Bacteria Targeting Cleanse is a Must. Here's Why...

With thousands of 5-Star Reviews & US vets loving them. Why not try it?

Find out why thousands of US owners are celebrating because of this dental cleanse.

If your pup has terrible breath, or thick brown plaque covering their teeth, then listen up. While these “common” dental issues seem innocent enough, they actually require your immediate attention. 

Many owners think that bad breath is a fact of life for their beloved pup. After all, that’s what mainstream advice would have you believe. But I’m here to tell you it’s a serious cause for concern. 

See, bad breath is an early warning signal, revealing your dog’s mouth is teeming with harmful oral bacteria.  And once this bad breath appears, a visible buildup of plaque and tartar can soon follow. 

At this point, you can’t afford to wait any longer - but if you continue to ignore the clear signs of this bacteria invasion… 

It can soon enter your dog’s bloodstream, causing a chain reaction of health issues around their body - even affecting vital organs. 

So, what can you do to target this potentially catastrophic bacteria and keep your dog’s breath fresh? 

Well, you’ll be shocked when you discover how simple it can be, thanks to a remarkable dog dental formula. Many owners are calling it a must-have canine dental product. And it could be the answer for your dog too.

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews, what is it about this formula that’s making every dog owner want it?

PetScy's Dental Cleanse rocketed onto the market in 2021 and immediately started making waves on social media and in the news. 

Now, it’s one of the highest-rated pet supplement companies with thousands of 5-star reviews! Below are just some of the formula’s game-changing benefits that make it an absolute no-brainer for dog parents.  

Supports Fresh Breath & Targets Oral Bacteria FAST!

As we’ve established, an explosion of oral bacteria is a huge threat to your dog’s health and wellbeing - not to mention their breath!

PetScy's Dental Cleanse is made from extensively researched ingredients that actively target this bacteria while supporting wider dental health. 

Such as, Sodium Bicarbonate which helps fight toxic bacteria (vital for fresh breath), and Sodium Benzoate which combats aggressive plaque build-up.

Best of all, the formula is incredibly easy-to-use, simply add one tablespoon to 8 ounces of water each day. For a full user guide, please click here:

When you consider how tough it is to look after your dog’s teeth and gums using conventional methods, it’s no surprise that many owners report neglecting their dog’s dental health. 

What truly makes this formula a game-changer is how it’s exceptionally easy-to-use. Simply add one teaspoon to 8 ounces to your water daily. Oh, and if you’re worried your fussy pup won’t like the flavor...don’t be! 

This formula is 100% taste and odor-free once diluted, meaning even the pickiest of pups will happily sip away. 

Take advantage of PetScy's 90 day risk free, 100% guarantee and click the button below to order today our Dental Cleanse. They could make a real difference to their oral health.

It’s been in such high demand that dog owners across the country are stockpiling it to protect their pups this winter. The company completely sold out in under 30 days, with over thousands being sold last month alone! 

PetScy understands that demand is increasing and they worked extremely hard to manufacture another batch of Dental Cleanse. 

They expect this new batch to sellout in the next few days, which is why they are urging you to secure your discount now!

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