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Itch Chew Tips

"Recently I ordered the Itch Chews and to my disappointment my Pit bulls Itching didn't stop after 2 weeks. Randomly, I tried a different dog food that second week.  I switched from a beef flavor to a fish one. By week three her itching went down and once I reintroduced the remaining Itch Chews, her itching went completely away.  I realized then that the chews weren't the issue." -Terry 

Follow the tips below in conjunction with your daily chews to see the best results:

  • Check your dog’s food- If your dog is experiencing excessive itching, it could be due to the ingredients in their food. If your dog is allergic to a specific ingredient, their body will react by producing a histamine that causes inflammation and itching. There are a few common allergy triggers in dog food such as beef, dairy, wheat, and chicken that you can try to avoid. However, the only way to find the ingredient of concern is to put your dog on an elimination diet. Your vet can work with you to come up with a plan for an elimination diet that will work best for your dog.

PetScy can pause future orders till you determine the right food for your dog.

  • Maintain your dog’s hygiene- Bathing schedules for dogs vary depending on multiple factors like coat type, activity level, breed, and season. Most dogs need to be bathed about every 4-6 weeks. However, if your dog is dirty or very active, they might require baths more often. Bathing schedules might also change depending on time of year. In the winter, some dogs might have dry skin due to the cold, dry weather, so it might be better to bathe them less. Bathing too often can sometimes lead to dry skin, which can be itchy. However, not bathing your dog often enough can lead to other issues like fungal infections. Make sure you stick with the bathing schedule that works best for your dog. If you are unsure, consult your vet and/or grooming professional. A good brushing is needed regularly for most dogs to maintain a healthy coat and skin. Brushing distributes oils which helps prevent dry skin.
  • Promote mental health- Just like humans, dogs can often become anxious or bored when left to their own devices. When a dog does not get enough exercise or becomes anxious, they will often chew and scratch themselves, which can lead to bald spots. Be sure to spend time with your dog playing and giving them love. Providing proper exercise is another necessary step to boost your dog’s mental well- Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise every single day.
  • Get your dog’s hormone levels checked- Hormone imbalances such as high cortisol or low thyroid can manifest as inflammation or hair loss in dogs. If your dog is experiencing any skin-related symptoms that don’t seem to be allergy- or mental health-related, it could be due to their hormones or another underlying health condition. A vet can check your dog’s hormone levels and prescribe a medication or treatment plan, if needed.

Our happy customers say it takes about 7 weeks to start seeing results from their PetScy Itch Relief Chews, but results vary depending on your dog’s specific situation and needs.


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