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Meet the #1 Highest Reviewed Itch Relief Supplement for Dogs

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Made with essential fatty acids and delicious ingredients to help soothe your dog's skin and maintain a thick, glossy coat.
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Benefits Of Our Itch Relief Chews For Dogs

Many times a dog’s skin issues can be traced back to nutrient deficiencies that occur slowly over time. By addressing those deficiencies and restoring them to optimal levels, our itch relief chews provide nourishment at the cellular level for healthier skin and a shiny coat.

  • A potent anti-inflammatory formula 
    This carefully selected blend of powerful antioxidants and essential Omega-3 fatty acids combine to restore many of the essential nutrients missing from your dog's food, reducing the inflammation that is the cause of so many health issues in dogs.

  • Supports healthy skin and a luscious coat 
    A nourishing blend of essential vitamins and minerals helps to heal inflamed skin damaged from incessant scratching.

  • A strong immune system 
    A robust immune system is the key to optimal health in people and in dogs. This formula was designed to support immune system function so your dog’s body has all the tools it needs to heal itself and protect against free-radical damage.

    Product Facts

    Form: Chews 
    Product Weight: 5.3 Oz


    Store in a cool, dry place. Reseal after use to keep fresh.

      How To Use Our Itch Relief Chews

      Our itch relief chews can be given as a treat or mixed in with their food.

      Recommended Serving Sizes

      • Dogs under 25 pounds get 1/2 chew per day.
      • Dogs 25 to 75 pounds get 1 chew per day.
      • Dogs over 75 pounds can have up to 2 chews per day.

      AS SEEN IN

      About Our Itch Relief Chews

      We all need to ensure we get the right amount of vitamins and minerals to maintain our health, and the same is true for our dogs. Our team of world-class scientists researched thousands of ingredients to find the optimal combination that targets the inflammation that causes skin and coat issues at the source. By taking a holistic approach to their overall health and well-being and restoring nutritional deficiencies at the cellular level, you can rest assured your dog is being nourished from the inside out, the way nature intended.

      Our Itch Relief Chew Ingredients

      • EPA and DHA 100mg/68mg

        From fish oil supply, Omega-3’s necessary for cellular health and function, but the benefits of fish oil don’t stop there. In addition to promoting a shiny coat and healthy skin, EPA & DHA from fish oil acts as an anti-inflammatory that may help improve heart, brain, kidney, and joint health.

      • Vitamin C 25mg

        An important antioxidant that scavenges potentially harmful free-radicals in the body. It can help reduce inflammation and cognitive aging and helps the body run more smoothly. Studies show that dogs who take a vitamin C supplement are able to fight off disease and recover from illness or injuries better than dogs that don’t.

      • Vitamin E 25 IU

        A powerful antioxidant and essential vitamin for dogs that should be part of their diet to maintain optimal health. The importance of this critical vitamin cannot be understated as it helps to boost immunity, health, and general well-being.

      • Biotin 0.5mg

        A powerhouse B-vitamin required for some of the most important functions in your dog’s body including digestion, muscle growth, and of course a healthy coat. In a collaborative study with small-animal veterinary surgeons, 119 dogs with symptoms such as a dull coat, brittle hair, hair loss, dry and scaly skin, pruritus, or dermatitis were treated with biotin for 3 to 5 weeks. At the end of the study, 60% of the cases reported all symptoms were cured after the biotin treatment and in another 31%, a significant improvement was noted; in only 9% no effect was recorded.

      • Zinc 1mg

        An essential mineral involved in more cellular level reactions required to sustain healthy body function than any other trace mineral. Not only does it help with carbohydrate metabolism, but it also supports a healthy liver, wound healing, reproductive function, and much more.


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